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The yearly struggle for continuing education credit for chiropractic license renewal will become much easier when goes online.

This service, for Doctors of Chiropractic and other licensed professionals, is designed to provide high quality continuing education programs and seminars that can be accessed through the Internet. Successful completion of these educational programs can be used to satisfy license renewal requirements in states where professional boards accept on-line license renewal credits.
“Students who take on-line courses at never have to physically step into a classroom, “ said Dr. Patrece Frisbee, CEO of “They can learn in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace in a world where finding time to balance the responsibilities of work and family can be daunting.”

The company will begin offering programs beginning February 24 when its website “goes live.”

“On-line learning has become widely accepted at all levels of education, from elementary schools to universities to corporate training,” said Dr. Frisbee. “Licensed professions such as doctors of chiropractic, however, haven’t had access to on-line programs that can meet their continuing education and license renewal needs.” serves as a portal for a wide variety of educational programs created both by’s resident faculty and other organizations, such as chiropractic associations, that provide educational opportunities for the profession. These programs will feature some of the best known names in the profession.

Among the programs available on-line are: Botanical Medicine certification, Pharmacology certification, Integrated Extremity Management, Nutrition and others. creates a friendly, easy to use on-line environment that makes learning easy. To see how on-line learning works, prospective students can log on to the web site and participate in a free sample course.

Plans call for providing on-line learning for other regulated professions such as medical doctors, dentists, nurses and massage therapists.

In the past, most continuing education required participants to travel to a distant location to attend a “live” seminar. Through, chiropractors and other professionals can access these programs from any location and at any time with an Internet connection and their personal desktop computers. Upon completion of each program, attendance transcripts and other documents can be obtained via e-mail. will offer four types of programs including:
Certificate Courses of general interest that focus on unique and specific topics. Previous experience is not necessary to enroll.

Certification Programs are adjunct academic on-line modules that allow the participant to learn required core material credited toward a 100-hour certification course. At the conclusion of the program participants will receive an Attendance and Clinical Competency Transcript.
Diplomate Programs are also adjunct academic modules that allow participants to acquire required core materials credited toward a more in-depth 300-hour diplomate course. Attendance and Clinical Competency Transcripts are provided to students who successfully complete these programs.

Academic Curriculum includes classes for academic credit that can be used in bachelors’, master’s or doctoral degree programs. At the completion of each class an Academic Transcript and Diploma will be distributed to each student.

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