“The cries of the world’s millions whose bodies are ravaged by malnutrition and disease, and whose future prospects often are severely handicapped by the lack of a means to learn how to better their own lives, can no longer be ignored. We in chiropractic who have been blessed with the means to bring comfort and hope to our less fortunate fellow human beings must not pretend we do not hear, for our hearts do hear. And our hearts demand that we reach out, that we do what needs to be done, and that we do it now.”

~ Dr. Sid E. Williams

The Beginning

Life International, a humanitarian service foundation, was the natural outgrowth of Life Foundation. Through this organization supporters are able to put their personal resources into action. It is a perfect example of the Movement’s guiding philosophy of loving, giving, and serving out of one’s own abundance.

The Humanitarian influence of Life International is being felt throughout the world. Where ever there is need, our direct aid programs are creating a better, healthier world for those they serve.

A Important Message from Dr. Sid E. Williams Founder and President of Life International

In the face of so much suffering on such a large scale it’s easy to say that nothing can be done. The job is too big.

We in Life International have looked squarely at these great challenges and have renewed our commitment to service. The job is great, but the will of many in the field of humanitarian service is great as well. Clearly, we will not solve the many intractable problems that face our brothers and sisters around the world, but we have made a beginning.

During the past year, Life International has focused intently upon the areas in which we have expertise and a track record of accomplishment.

Our history has been one of using a relatively small budget to reach goals that will have a lasting impact. With that idea in mind, we have channeled our resources into developing programs in the nations of Costa Rica and Senegal.

Our selection of the Latin American nation of Costa Rica was made with careful deliberation. An international destination for travelers, it boasts a stable democratic government that has been open to our efforts to provide health care services to its people.

The first step was the opening of a chiropractic research clinic in the headquarters of the Costa Rican Olympic Committee. Through our close relationship with the government and health care organizations such as Clinica Biblica, we were able to reach out to the countryside through our mobile health care unit program.

Doctors of Chiropractic joined with Costa Rican nurses and dentists to travel to remote areas of the country, such as Zapote, and into heart of the capitol city of San Jose. These mobile units were able to move into areas such as this and set up portable equipment, and provide on-the-spot care to needy people who previously had no access to such services. Since the program began in 2000, the Mobile Unit Program has conducted regular visits to many different areas of the Costa Rica.

After six years of cooperative involvement in this nation, we have joined with the University of Costa Rica to help develop educational exchange programs. The government – recognizing the need for the development of a strong profession within the county – has approved and signed into law legislation recognizing and regulating the chiropractic profession.

Moving across the globe to the African continent, Life International is also working to establish humanitarian programs in Senegal. Our organization has provided Senegal’s health ministry with technical information about the science of chiropractic, and we have worked closely with government officials to develop legislation recognizing the chiropractic profession.

We are pleased that Senegal offers many opportunities for developing cooperative educational and health care programs. The Mobile Unit – now fully field-tested in Costa Rica – will be adapted for use in Senegal and other african nations.

These two great nations – on two very different continents – offer Life International unparalleled opportunities for our services. Using these programs as models, and with the generous donations from our dedicated friends and supporters, we can truly begin to make a difference in the world. Although we cannot solve all of the world’s problems, we can, one by one, improve the lives of countless numbers of people everywhere.

By serving those in need, we also improve our lives as well. As someone who has dedicated his life to service, it has always been clear to me that when we help those in need we also satisfy a great need within ourselves as well.




Sid E. Williams, B.S., D.C.
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Chiropractors Without Borders (CWB) is an organization that is managed by dedicated chiropractors to help those suffering to receive help that only chiropractors can deliver. CWB will respond to disaster throughout the world and will deliver qualified chiropractic healthcare, at the point of emergency where it can be of most benefit. This is exciting!

Send CWB a letter that you would like to be placed on ready alert whenever catastrophe occurs and be ready to go in a precise time frame. You can be on the first line of duty, which will require establishing tents, a housing community, food services and sanitation to be used by those serving and benefiting from the aid provided.

CWB is a huge, exciting challenge. Because of the magnitude of this effort and the need that tragedy brings, we are expecting your wholehearted support. Fill out the information on the contribution page following, and join our team.